What are the side affects of sclerosing a seroma? (photos)

My PS used a sclerosant of 96% alcohol to get rid of a seroma at 32 days PO of TT. Within a week I had fluid pouring out and felt an abscess. My PS cleaned out wound & dead tissue. I now have a large hole in my abdomen due to the sclerosant burning through my tissue. Is this a normal complication? My PS has me packing wound with saline gauze twice a day but I see no new tissue growth. I'm scared and am constantly worried & feel depressed. Need advice on how to approach my PS on better wound care

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Abdominal Wound after TT & Sclerosis

Hi victorious
I am so so sorry that you are having this problem.  In the event that a sclerosis is needed, I don't use alcohol so I won't speak to that part of your question.I will tell you that you will have a very long process ahead of you so you need to understand that and don't have unrealistic expectations of quick recovery.  This is important to keep you from getting more upset.  It will heal however.Now I do see some granulation tissue with is a good sign of healing.  Twice a day dressing changes with gauze is a time tested and appropriate treatment.  An alternative treatment would be to consider a VAC.
A VAC is a wound healing device that applies a vacuum to the packing.  This accelerates healing and minimizes the work you have to put into it.  Frequently insurance will not cover it, but you can get off label units over the internet that do the same thing.
Your first step is to talk with your doctor.  Don't just talk about wound healing mechanics, share with him your feelings so he can help you with them.  Your doctor is your doctor through good times and bad.  He should help a lot with guiding your expectations.

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What are the side affects of sclerosing a seroma?

I am sorry that you are having your wound problems. After wound debridement, your tissues initially will not show much in the way of healing. Before your body can make the proteins involved in healing the wound, it must "gear up the factory" to make these proteins. Often, this will take about two weeks before you begin to see visible signs of healing with new tissue growth. From the looks of your wound, I suspect that it will take at least a month or two for your wound to heal. Be patient and continue to follow your doctor's wound care instructions.

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What are the side affects of sclerosing a seroma?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and I am sorry to see your abdominal wound.  Though sclerosants can cause significant tissue injury and death the focus should be on your current wound and maximizing your body's healing response.  Maintain a diet of lean meat and protein with dark green leafy vegetables with a daily multivitamin.  Continue the dressing changes and debridement by your doctor to encourage healing the wound from the inside-out.  Hope this helps.

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