Pain after silver nitrate on hole caused from a spit stitch on TT incision. Normal for it to still be burning & hurting? (Photo)

Hole on TT incision was not healing after a stitch spit over 6 weeks ago. Doc made the hole a lot bigger and used a silver nitrate stick (it hurt like a !#%^*) and it's still hurting 24 hours later. I'm afraid it may be infected. It hurts a good bit and the gunk now coming out of it is pretty gross (kinda looks like brownish yellowish snot). I can't find much info online about what to expect when it comes to pain and exudate after silver nitrate

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Silver nitrate burns

Its not infected.  The silver nitrate stings like that.  Take a shower and let the water and soap get into the wound.  The remnants of the silver nitrate are still there.

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Incision Pain

Great Question! Your picture looks as though you still have an opening in your incision. Keep area clean and dry. It is possible to keep hurting a day or so after silver nitrate. Watch the size of your incision- if it keeps getting larger call your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. If you run a fever also call your surgeon ASAP. Hopefully your wound will start closing soon! Good luck!

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Pain after silver nitrate on hole caused from a spit stitch on TT incision. Normal for it to still be burning & hurting?

Thank you for your question and photograph and i am sorry to hear of your pain after the silver nitrate treatment.  These sticks are a chemical cauterizer of tissue and can cause some discomfort for patients that may persist over 24 hours.  It will color the treated tissues with a silver-black appearance but this will clear quickly as the body heals.  If you start to have any signs of an infection - spreading redness, increased warmth, fever, nausea, etc - talk to your surgeon and ask to be seen. Hope this helps.

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Silver nitrate

Silver nitrate is a commonly used chemical that cauterizes the area you put it on.  This means to burn.  So that sensation is normal.  Also, it is siver/black so it causes the drainage to change colors.

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