Best laser treatment for tummy tuck scar?

I had a tummy tuck done 7 months ago. My scar is flat but is dark in color. Ive tried several different silicone strips and gels but has not given results. I want to lighten the scar. What are the best laser treatments out there to lighten the scar?

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Scar treatment after tummy tuck

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Great question.  It depends on your skin type as well as on why the scar became dark.  Sometimes, excising the scar and re-closing it is an option since doing so would be done under much less tension.  Embrace in the immediate recovery period may be good after the scar revision.  Sometimes steroid injection as well in the middle recovery period is also something to consider.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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Lasers for scars.

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A recent review in the literature recommends the use of Pulsed dye lasers for treating scar erythema and dyschromia.  Also,  Intense pulsed light has also been used to target scar dyschromia.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Lighten TT scar

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If you have dark skin, it is not uncommon to have that result. I recommend trying Hydroquinonone cream first, 4% and increase to 8% if tolerated. Teat it first on your inner arm for allergy and you will need a prescription.

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Best laser treatment for tummy tuck scar?

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The real issue is if you need a scar revision vs a laser tx? Best lasers for scars are in Miami's Dr Jill Wiabel's office(DERM)! 

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