Is it common for laser hair removal treatment to cause pain/discomfort to teeth with silver fillings?

Recently had my first treatment. I was not prepared for the discomfort I felt in my teeth each time the laser "zapped" my skin. (I have fillings and/or crowns in most of my teeth.) It there some sort of teeth or mouth guard that I could place in my mouth to prevent this discomfort during my next treatment?

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Pain in fillings with laser hair removal

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This is a common complaint from patients. This can easily be overcome with placement of a gauze in the mouth. The laser is causing no damage when doing this so don't be concerned. 

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Laser hair removal and fillings

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Laser hair removal is light based and should not typically effect the fillings unless it is a device like Syneron Elos laser which uses both light and radiofrequency to remove the hair.  Sometimes the RF component can cause discomfort over the areas of the fillings. One way to mitigate this is to place gauze inside the mouth overlying the area of the filling. This should minimize the discomfort. Hope this helps
Dr Soni

Hardik Soni, MD
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Mouth guard during hair removal

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Hair removal around the mouth area or on the cheeks and sideburns can cause "zapping" symptoms in the teeth. That is why wearing a mouth guard is important to reduce those symptoms and protect the teeth. There have been reported cases of fractured teeth from lasers. A plastic type of mouth guard should be available to you at the office where you are getting your treatments.

Manu B. Aggarwal, MD
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Pain in teeth with laser hair removal.

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I have not had any patients experience this type of discomfort, but I have heard that some rolled gauze, placed between the lips and the teeth can alleviate this problem.

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