Can I Have Multiple Implants Without Fake Gum?

I am considering quite a lot of dental implants. However I was very put off by the idea of a "fake gum" to support the implants. The dentist said it was because the real gum would shrink back, etc, once the real teeth were out. I am still interested in implants but hate the fake gum. My question is, if I had my teeth replaced with implants one (or two) at a time, would the gum still shrink back and make the whole thing unstable? Or would it then work OK without the fake gum?

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The shrinkage of your gums will depend on the amount of bone lost from (if any) current or past periodontal disease (deep pockets) or if they are extracted atraumatically to avoid any bone loss from trauma.




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Good Question

The fact is that sometimes without "fake gums" your implants bridge would look terrible.

It is sometimes necessary so we can give you a natural look.

Without "fake Gums" you could end up with very ( I mean Very) long teeth.

Artificial Gums and Implants

When there is a lot bone loss prior to extraction of teeth, it is common to get gum shrinkage and extra space. Once implants are placed, extra space requires longer implant crowns which may look unnatural.  In this case, there are 2 ways to correct the problem: either with pink porcelain around crowns or pink acrylic around crowns, depending on what restorative treatment is chosen.  To know whether you require this or not, there are several diagnostic steps that need to be completed. If you feel that you need a second opinion, visit a periodontist for a consultation. 


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Fake gum

I agree with all the previous answers!  There are so many ways to restore/ Fill your mouth with new teeth, that it might be easier to ask what you are getting done.  You can do the full denture over the implants, you can do the denture snapping on a bar, you can do a Fixed bridge over a bar; just to name a few.

I recommend getting a second opinion and talk to specialist, periodontist and prosthodontist can give you different opinion and techniques.  They are all good, depends on the dentist's philosophy.


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Implants to replace teeth and gums...

Dental prosthesis can replace many different structures in the mouth.

On implants we have the ability replace teeth only or teeth and gums.  If the situation is right there is the option to replace teeth only but the volume of bone and gum needs to be suffiecient as to make the teeth proportional.  If we don't have ideal gum and bone there are two choices, use "porcelain" gums or rebuild the bone and gums through multiple augmentation surgeries.  Hope this helps.

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Can I have multiple implants without fake gums?

Yes you can keep in mind if you don't have fake gums then your teeth will appear longer. You should see what this will look like before you proceed with diagnostic wax up or computer mock up. Many times patients have lost alot of bone and soft tissue and when we as dentist attempt to restore we have to replace this loss with either very long white teeth or correct sized teeth with fake gums or just leave the open space. A nice way to deal with this is an over denture and also much less expensive good luck



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Dental Implants without "Fake" Gums

This situation depends on the final treatment plan and what type of restorations or prothesis is planned. It also depends on the anatomy you currently have (i.e. amount of bone and soft tissue)  If you are going to have individual implants for individual teeth or standard implant bridges it is possible to have teeth without fake gums as long as the soft and hard tissue arcitecture is prepared correctly.  This may mean you need bone and soft tissue grafts, long term "temporary" crowns and bridges to "shape" the gums.  If you have a high smile line and you do not want to go through the other procedures, then the "fake" gums may be the only option

Every case is different.  Have a consult with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and they should be able to tell you your best option

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