It Seems my Tooth Implant Has Moved?

I keep reading that implants don't move, but mine has. I think the adjacent tooth is pushing on it. It has defiantly moved. What can I do?

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My implant has moved

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Implants don't move but the restoration on the implant can move or be loose.  I would return to the dentist who has the work done and ask them to take a look and see what the problems may be


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It Seems my Tooth Implant Has Moved?

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Implants are essentially immovable, but that doesn't mean something on top of it couldn't have shifted. Sometimes the crowns on top of the implants cam shift-it would feel like the same thing. 

Go to your crown dentist right away. Have him check the crown and as much as possible, check the abutment (the post that connects the implant to the crown). He may need an X-ray. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if there is something shifting. He ought to be able to check the alignment of the crown and the bite to see if any shifting has occurred.

For now, unless you are having pain, swollen gums or some other obvious sign of infection, I wouldn't panic. But, don't delay getting it checked. IF something is shifting it needs to be caught before something breaks.

I think my implant moved?

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Healthy implants don't move even if something pushes against it... It the implant did in fact move the bone is being lost around the implant and in most cases will need to be removed. You should be able to grab the implant with your fingers and to check for movement, it will either be solid or loose.  Good Luck



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Your implant results are substandard.  However they can be corrected.  THe color of the crowns is incorrect and the implants do not seem to be optimally placed.  The emergence from the gum is off center and the height is incorrect.  Depending on the price you paid and the expectations you and your doctor discussed going into this, he may have fulfilled his obligation to you.  You may have to spend mush mre to get it corrected.  I do cases like yours all of the time.  If you paid 4K for both - that's reasonable.  A perfect result in your circumstance is more in the 10-12K range.

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