Recent Muellerectomy, My Eye Looks Smaller, Is This Due To Swelling?

About a week ago I had a Muellerectomy on my left upper eyelid to correct some drooping. It's healed well as far as bruising and pain. The stitches are starting to get annoying and I wish I could wear my contacts already. But, when I actually look at my eye, it seems as if nothing has changed. It almost seems like my eye is 'smaller.' Could this be due to still present swelling? Or does the actual healing take time to set in with the muscle attachment? Thanks!

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Swelling is normal after Mullerectomy

The swelling that you have experienced following your mullerectomy is normal.  I advise my patients that after surgery they will most likely experience some noticeable swelling that will subside within two to six weeks. . Patients should know some minor swelling can remain for as long as six months, and their lid contours may continue to change.  Final results may not be seen until the six month mark. There are several exercises that you can do to assist with healing as well.  I suggest discussing your concerns with your surgeon.  Best of luck, Dr. Clevens

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Blepharoplasty and Ptosis surgery

I agree with the other surgeons.  Any swelling around the eyes will make them look smaller.  I always tell patients this is the worst it will look, and the eyes will open nicely as the swelling resolves.  Some surgeons leave an internal suture in place after Mullerectomy, while others (such as myself) remove it during the first week.  You should talk to your doctor about when he/she thinks it is reasonable to resume wearing your contact lenses again.  In some patients ptosis has been attributed to wearing contact lenses.

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One week is very early from a Muellerectomy.

Until the suture is removed at about a week, swelling in the eyelid frequently is retained and this weighs the upper eyelid down.  Once the suture is removed, the swelling tends to disappear and this helps with the upper eyelid position.  If you responded well to the neosynepherine test in the clinic prior to surgery, I would be patient.  It may take several weeks for the swelling to resolve and allow you to realize the benefit of this surgery.  Your eyes look small now because of this normal swelling

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Swelling after Muellerectomy

It is not unusual for the operated eye to look smaller after a Muellerectomy.  You need to wait until the swelling resolves before you can judge the result of your operation.

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