Moving Wisdoom Tooth Back (Creating Space for Implant)? (photo)

I have a missing 1st molar on my right side, and there's not enough room for an implant. Would it be possible to move the 2nd molar and the wisdom tooth further back to create the necessary space? I have the same exact tooth missing on my left side; however, there's enough space on the left side for an implant; because the teeth (wisdom and 2nd molar) haven't shifted (wearing retainers now to prevent shifting).

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Options for dental implant site #30

I do agree that your tooth site #30 does appear to have less space than site #19 in the photo. Typically I would measure the deficient site and determine how much space is required to place a narrow diameter implant. If only minimal space is needed, sometimes we may regain space by re-contouring the adjacent teeth to give the implant crown more room. However, if a large amount of space is needed orthodontic treatment may be needed to create enough room. Consult with your dentist for their recommendations after reviewing study models of your mouth.

Uprighting wisdom teeth

It is possible to upright 2nd molars and wisdome teeth and move them back. You need to see an Orthodontist for evaluation. It might take a while to do this. Also after the space is created, you might need augmentation of the bone for an implant 

sometimes the space could be closed by pulling these teeth forward instead of moving them back. 

An orthodontist would be able to evaluate and give you best option 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
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Moving teeth back to create room for implant?

The short answer is yes but moving lower teeth backwards is very difficult and time consuming you may want to consider a fixed partial denture less expensive and much less time good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, DMD,   CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Space for Dental Implant

It should be possible to move the molars back if necessary.  There is definitely enough space for the implant itself, but the photo does not show if there is adequate space for the crown. Ortho may be needed to upright the molars or move them back. The other option would be having a smaller crown. If there is not adequate bone width then a bone graft may be necessary. A cone beam CT would show all of this as previously mentioned. Speak to you dentist and oral surgeon

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
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Is there enough space for a dental implant? Answer

Nice picture... but I want to see a 3D dental x-ray.  This is also known as a dental conebeam CT or CBCT.  That is how you can determine if there is enough room for a dental implant.  Sometimes you need to slightly adjust the teeth in front and back of the dental implant site if there is enough room in the bone and the teeth are too close together.  If you do need more space for a molar dental implant in the bone, you may discuss a mini-implant with your orthodontist or dentist as anchor for a device to push the molars back to make more room.  If you were to try to move these teeth back with braces only, you would probably move the front teeth forward instead of the molars going back.  Get a couple of opinions on this but make sure you are able to get a 4-5mm wide dental implant.  Preferably the 5mm, but avoid any smaller diameter implants in this area.

Hank D. Michael, DMD - Dentist in Sarasota, FL

Hank D. Michael, DMD
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