Treatment for Morning Undereye Bags?

I oftentimes have morning undereye bags but they go away (mostly) during the course of the morning. This is happening more frequently and I've tried every topical solution - nothing works. By lunch time, I usually look like myself again but the mornings are awful, I look awful. Any advice?

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Bags under your eyes when you wake up

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If you wake up with bags under your eyes but, as the day progresses they improve, this may be due to the redeposition of swelling during the night.  This can happen when you sleep flat or face down.  If this is the case, an easy fix is to sleep with your head elevated to minimize the swelling.  This can be done by obtaining a foam wedge and placing your pillow on top of it so that your head is higher than your feet.

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Treatment for puffy eyes in the morning

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Eyes tend to be puffier in the morning, because as we sleep the body fluids redistribute. Watching your salt intake may help. If you have seasonal allergies, antihistamines may help reduce the puffiness. As we all age the membranes that hold the fat back begin to relax, so you will find the puffiness will generally be with you all the time. At this time surgery of the eye, that is a blepharoplasty will help soften morning puffiness.

Brian Maloney, MD, FACS
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Under eye bags treatment

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It seems like you might have allergy related symptoms. The reason for the bags is swelling in the lower eyelid. It can be from allergy to dust mite which is found in mattresses. You can try some antihistamines over the counter such as Allegra, Claritin or Zyrtec and see if it helps. You can also try Optivar (prescription eye drops for allergey) at bedtime. Nasal obstruction from allergies or infection can also cause this swelling. You should see your family physician or an Otolaryngologist to rule out nasal allergies.

If you sleep with no pillow, try using one or two pillows to keep your head elevated during the night.

Since swelling under the eyes can be related to retention of water, you should discuss that possibility with your physician and make sure your kidney function is normal.

You mention that you have tried a lot of skin products. It is also possible that one of the products could be making your swelling worst by an allergy type reaction.

As you can see there are many possible reasons for these under eye bags. If all else fails, lower eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty can help.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Check these things

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Nasal obstruction during sleep, thyroid problems, allergies (air borne or food), fluid retention problems, and SMOKING can cause this problem.

Check into these issues and see if you can find the problem. It doesn't sound like a surgically resolvable issue. However, there are some creams that may help. Check out our web site and look up the eye cream or send and email to the clinic address.

Good luck!

Phillip Langsdon, MD
Germantown Facial Plastic Surgeon
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