Average cost of laser skin resurfacing on nose?

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Laser Resurfacing : Nose

Thank you for your inquiry. Facial Resurfacing covers only a small portion of the total treatment area, leaving the surrounding area intact as opposed to full field resurfacing which removes the entire surface area. The treatment uses a laser micro-beam, which creates a multitude of tiny, isolated channels in the skin. This difference results in collagen and elastin stimulation, fibroblast activation, and encouraging of rapid healing. The average cost for laser resurfacing will vary according to the the type of laser and anesthesia you will require, typically this treatment averages between: $500-$1500. Hope to meet you soon,

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Cost of laser skin resurfacing of the nose

Thank you for asking the question about cost for resurfacing. Most patients who have their nose lasered also have their eyelids and cheeks treated as well. Pricing depends on type of laser and type of anesthesia used, amount of skin to be resurfaced, number of planned treatment sessions, expertise of the physician and region of the country where treatment is to take place. It is best to see a laser specialist in your area for evaluation and discussion about treatment options and cost. Good luck.

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