Can I Have IPL Without Losing my Freckles?

I've had freckles my whole life, usually they appear darkest in summer. I'd like to have IPL for redness and acne, but I WANT TO KEEP MY FRECKLES!! Is it possible to have IPL without losing freckles? Will they come back? Is there another treatment that reduces acne and redness without affecting freckles?

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IPL With Freckles

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Unfortunately the band of light that most IPL's emit target some degree of pigment.  Settings can be altered to target redness more than pigment, but some of your freckles will still lighten or fall off temporarily.  A pulsed dye laser preferentially targets redness, over brown pigment, and may help with overall redness. Neither an IPL or pulsed dye laser are typically used as a sole treatment for acne, so you may want to consult with your board-certified dermatologist to explore all options.

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IPL and freckles

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IPL is attracted to pigment irregularities, hence, it will affect and lighten some of your freckles. Lasers and light treatments in general treat pigment irregularities of browns and reds, so quite frankly if you like your freckles so much, this isn't going to be a good treatment option for you, as yes, some will definitely go away and lighten.

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