Is Mondor's Cord Always Visible? I Have No Bruising, Swelling, Redness.

I had brest implants removed. 1wk after surgery started to get discomfort/irritation in area below my left breast fold incision. it radiates about 3inches down toward my stomach. wastold this is mondor's chord. but i dont see or feel any chord as i've seen pics online. even when i lift my arm/strech no chord is visible. i have 60 lbs of extra weight currently. is extra fatty tissue possibly preventing mefrom seeing the chord. are chords just sumtimes not visible. or is this sumthing else

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Mondor's cords

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Mondor's cords basically represent a superficial thrombophlebitis. You should be able to see them and feel them if you have this.

Non palapablee Monddor's cord

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Generally speaking a Mondor's cord is palpable and visible. What you may be experiencing is some form of dysesthesisas or nerve entrapment.

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