Is having a Mommy Makeover advisable now at a stable weight, or should I wait until I get to my goal weight?

I'm 5'2", and currently weigh 162. At my heaviest, during my last pregnancy, I weighed 221. I've maintained within 15lbs. of my current weight for about 3 years now. Because of pregnancy, and the weight loss, I have loose skin and sagging breasts. I would like to be about 145lbs. Is it advisable to wait until I am closer to my goal weight and have maintained it for several months, or should I go ahead and move forward with the surgery now?

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Mommy Makeover at stable weight, or goal weight?

Congratulations on your weight loss.  Most Board Certified Plastic Surgeons would like their patients to be about their goal weight before surgery. One would rather not operate on someone, have them lose 100 lbs., and then have to do that operation again.  There is a significant increase in complications in heavier patients.  This includes a very high increase in the wounds, (that will be on tension in a Mommy Makeover), falling apart.  Each Plastic Surgeon has their own "window" where they feel comfortable enough operating.  Talk to your Plastic Surgeon.  Together you will make a safe plan.

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Stable Weight is Advisable for a Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures to bring a woman’s body back to the way she looked prior to pregnancy. Most commonly some variation of a #TummyTuck and #BreastSurgery are performed. Additional procedures can include liposuction, umbilical hernia repair.  The most common #breastprocedures include #mastopexy or #breastlift, #breastaugmentation, or #breastreduction. It is best to undergo #MommyMakeover procedures when your weight has been stable for at least one year. 

In addition to a one-on-one consultations with a board certified Plastic Surgeon, patients always need to be seen by their primary care doctor prior to such procedures.  We screen every patient and their medical records for risks of blood clots (DVT) and then take appropriate measures.  MWL (massive weight loss patients of  75 lbs or more) tend to have poor skin elasticity and will frequently need additional tightening even afte 6 -12 months regardless of who or how their surgery is performed. This is simply the nature of such body tissues and the ability to heal with the lack or limited elasticity. 

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Mommy makeover - ideal weight

I advise patients to lose as much weight as possible prior to surgery and maintain this weight for a period of time.  That said, I do believe that many people benefit from the results of the mommy makeover and are further motivated to lose more weight.  You should consult a board certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and explore your options.

Best of luck,

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Mommy Makeover

The key to long standing success is to be at a stable weight. Make sure your lifestyle is such that you don't gain the weight back after if you do have surgery or you will likely be unhappy. Without seeing pictures, it sounds like a full Tummy tuck and breast lift will address your areas of concern. Definitely seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with an expertise in Body Contouring and Aesthetic Breast Surgery for a consultation and more details. If you can get your weight as low as possible the risks of healing from a tummytuck will go down significantly. Good luck, Dean Vistnes.

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Is having a Mommy Makeover advisable now at a stable weight, or should I wait until I get to my goal weight?

The key is that you have been stable for 3 years and although you desire to lose more this hasn't happened so now would be the time to do your surgery. I have found that the improvement from the surgery is so profound that the patients will often be so motivated with their new found body image that they will actually lose more weight afterwards. This naturally will enhance their results.  Go for it! 

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Right time to do a plastic surgery

hello. thanks for the question, very interesting. would be interesting to post photos because each person has a different body shape. the best would  be you to  reached your ideal weight but often this is not possible, I recommend you to visit a plastic surgeon for an evaluation and he  will tell you what is the best in your specific case. 

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Is having a Mommy Makeoveradvisable now at a stable weight, or should I wait until I get to my goal weight?

Congratulations on taking off so much of the weight you gained during pregnancy!  If you have been close to your current weight now for three years I would encourage you to go ahead with your surgery.  Taking off almost another 20 lbs. may not be a realistic goal and just prove to be frustrating. It is also possible that correcting your drooping breasts may make exercise more comfortable and help with any additional weight loss. 

Pictures would definitely be helpful in giving an opinion on your question. 

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Weight and surgery

There isn't a perfect answer for this. Generally, I like my patients to get within about 10 lbs of their goal weight. But there are always exceptions to the rules. And it could be that your excess skin is making up quite a bit of your excess weight. It sounds like you have been stable for long enough. I might suggest that you go ahead and move forward with your procedure. You can still afford to lose a little more weight after surgery without affecting the results much. 

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Mommy makeover

Without photos it is difficult to advise on this, but based on the fact you have a goal of 15lbs you should do that first as it will cause more skin to loosen.

Meet with a plastic surgeon in your area that specializes in mommy  makeovers  for a private consultation

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Mommy makeover

Thank you for the question.

To best help you, a physical examination or picture evaluation is required in order to determine which procedures and techniques would be best for your case.

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