Mole Removal - Cheap As Possible?

I have a 5mm mole on my cheek, it is mostly flat maybe a half millimeter raised or three fourths of a millimeter raised. I read that the initial appointment costs around 70-90 dollars is there a way how to skip that step, and can i request that the mole isnt sent to pathology to avoid payment, im paying this out of my pocket since im a teenager. Is shaving my best option, and how much will shaving cost? Thank you for answering my questions

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Mole removal

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You should save up money and have your mole removed by a board certified plastic surgeon or surgical dermatologist.  It is well worth the moderate expense of doing it properly since an inappropriate removal can leave you with a permanent scar. 

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Cheap Mole Removal

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Keep in mind that generally “cheap as possible” may end up with you having less than optimal results. I would suggest consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for precise advice and treatment.

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