Laser Vs Electrocautery Mole Removal - What's the Difference?

I had my mole removed and undergo DUAL process-shave and laser because it's rounded. Then the doctor said that it will leave a deep scar. BUt then, when my friend undergo cautery procedure, she experience no scar at all even if she got rounded mole larger than mine :(

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Laser Vs Electrocautery Mole Removal - What's the Difference?

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The "difference" = a laser is usualy a much more expensive cautery allowing some to "hook" more gullible patients to come in and charging them more.

The BEST way to remove a "mole" is with a scalpel and having it examined microscopically by a trained pathologist to establish its identity beyond doubt. The resulting scar, if good technique is used, is second to none. BUT - scalpel excision requires skill and attention that some practitioners do not have or use to spend on some patients. The solution? Burn the mole away with electricity ("Electrocautery") or blast it away with a (?CO2) Laser. Same principle - costlier. No additional benefit over cautery but SURE sounds sexier and more advanced. Resulting scars always inferior to surgical excision AND no specimen to be examined by pathology.

Now that you know the answer WHICH one should you have??

Peter A Aldea, MD

PS - I DO have a great and expensive laser but I use it for better suited purposes


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