Can You Remove a Mole from Your Chest Without Scarring?

it is bigger than a pencil eraser and is 2 different colors also appears to be scaly and is in the shape of a hexagon with a deffinite borderline

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Moles and Scarring

A surgically removed mole will produce a scar. A well trained board certified plastic surgeon will have the skills to minimize scarring.

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Surgery means a surgical scar

Patients often come to me as a plastic surgeon for mole removal because they "don't want a scar."  It is impossible to make a surgical cut and not leave a scar.  What plastic surgeons and anyone who pays attention to getting the best possible cosmetic outcome do is to allign scars along natural skin tension lines to minimize the scarring.

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No Stitches Mole Removal

Sometimes referred to as birthmarks or beauty marks, moles or nevi (the medical term), are pigment-laden growths of the skin. They may be flat or elevated and may range from flesh-colored to all shades of brown.  Most moles are entirely benign. Rarely, atypical moles, known as dysplastic nevi, or even a true cancer, malignant melanoma, may masquerade as innocent beauty marks. If a mole raises any suspicion, it should be biopsied to make certain of the diagnosis.

However, if you have a mole that esthetically bothers you, but you have hesitated doing anything about it because of the fear of stitches, scarring, or the expense of surgery, a quick and simple, minimially invasive, no-stitches-required technique, known as Scalpel Sculpting, may be just right for you.

Scalpel Sculpting is an especially excellent method for removing growths elevated above the skin surface, although even perfectly smooth, flat moles may be removed with this method, as well. Immediately following the administration of a small amount of local anesthetic just beneath the spot, the doctor uses a scalpel to remove it with a horizontal, back and forth, “sawing” motion of the scalpel blade that essentially “sculpts” the undesirable area away from the surrounding normal skin. The wound underneath is left to heal by itself. Since the cut is so superficial, no sutures (stitches) are needed, and there is little risk of scarring. The cosmetic result is generally excellent, and the whole procedure takes literally under five minutes. The important point is that since the "sculpting" slice is made horizontally and superficially, rather than deeply into the skin, the likelihood of producing any visually-troubling scar is quite small. 

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No, you can't remove a mole without scarring

You should see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for this mole.  Anytime a mole is surgically removed, a scar will result.  Normally that scar can be very discreet.  However, the chest area is notorious for producing bad scars, either hypertrophic scars or in some persons, keloid scars.  You should follow-up regularly with your surgeon after the removal, as it is easier to manage the scar before it has a chance to become thick and ugly. 

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