After cleansing, toning my face pm, do I apply hydroquinone 2% before or after applying rosehip oil on face? For fading Melasma.

I have melasma which is present on top of my forhead and under my eyes. It has turned from grey/ brown to brown after finishing breastfeeding. I have been using vit c serum in morning on my face and at night time hydtoquinone 2% and just recently started using to rosehipp oil after applying hydtpquinone. This has been since beginning of August this year

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Hydroquinone and Melasma

I treat melasma every day in my office. The order of the products is not as important as which products you are using.  I prefer Cosmelan for melasma and like the combination of Retin-A and a 5 or 8 percent hydroquinone.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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