Minoxidil Tablets & PRP Therapy

Hello, my question is about minoxidil tablets and the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for the delusive hairloss in women: benefits and risks. thanks in advance

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PRP works in the right person.  Women and men can both benefit from Rogaine when it is used properly.  I am not familiar with the use of minoxidil tablets. To assess who is a candidate for PRP, a good history, review of medications, and exam is essential.

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You should not be taking minoxidil tablets for hair growth. It may dangerously lower your blood pressure.

You should not be taking minoxidil tablets for hair growth. It may dangerously lower your blood pressure.  See your doctor for a proper exam and treatment options.

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Minoxidil tablets and PRP?

Minoxidil tablets have been replaced by Minoxidil Foam. It works very well with PRP injections for Female Androgenic Alopecia. Minoxidil can cause local irritation and hair growth on the face in women.  These side effects are rare and usually reversible.Thanks

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PRP and Minoxidil - for women

Minoxidil tablets are rarely used for hair loss nowadays. However "topical" minoxidil solution or foam is widely used. Studies show that minoxidil helps about 30 % of women with one specific type of hair loss - androgenetic alopecia (also called female pattern hair loss)

There are many causes of hair loss in women. Dozens in fact. If the reason for hair loss is androgenetic hair loss minoxidil is a top choice.  Risks include: hair growth on face, increased hair shedding in month 1, heart palpitations, headaches and rarely allergy. 

So if the reason for hair loss is genetic hair loss, there is a 30 % chance of it being helpful. If the reason is some other cause of hair loss, minoxidil will be less beneficial and might not help at all. 

How do you diagnose genetic hair loss? Well, an examination of the scalp (up close) is needed.  Unfortunately, the cause of hair loss in women can NOT be diagnosed from a picture. (In men it usually can)

Platelet rich plasma or PRP has not beed studies for the same duration as minoxidil. Studies support a role in genetic hair loss, as well as other hair loss conditions. Side effects include some minor discomfort will injections and some minor shedding in month 1 (like minoxidil). 

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