Laser hair removal with LightSheer Diode vs Forever Bare BBL Sciton

I have light skin with light brown to dark brown hair and am considering laser hair removal on my upper lip, chin and legs. The hair on my upper lip and chin is a lighter brown, leg hair is much darker brown. Which type of laser (LightSheer Diode or Forever Bare BBL Sciton) would be best? And what is the difference between these two lasers?

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Lightsheer vs BBL for hair removal

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First off, BBL is not a laser, it is an IPL. Laser are much more effective and safer for hair removal than IPL. They are more specific in their wavelength to treat the hair and more powerful. Hands down, Lightsheer Duet.

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Diode over BBL anyway!

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Diode with Lightsheer is one of the best hair removal systems. Pain free and highly effective. IPL is outdated for hair removal, as lasers such as the 755, 810 (diode) and 1064 long pulse laser are the Gold Standard for HR. All the best, Dr Davin Lim . Brisbane. Australia. 

Choice of hair removal device

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We have both devices.  We find the lightsheer diode to be more effective typically, however, when we have darker skinned patients a BBL would be an appropriate choice as well, it just doesn't work quite as well in our experience.

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