My BBL doesn't look right - need a 2nd round? (photos)

I'm 2 months 5 days post opp. Will my shape improve? I know I'm suppose to wait 3-6 months but I just want to know if it's healing correctly Or will I need to get a second round? i was going for a heart shape and that's not what I got I don't think. I tried contacting my doctor but it seems the office is now closed down and all messages, texts, emails that I've sent have gone unanswered so I'm turning to real self. I wanted a heart shape

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BBL Shaping

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Shaping from fat transfer to the buttock depends on the operators experience and skill, the equipment used to harvest and processing of the fat, the recipient site (how much laxity is in the skin to accept the graft) and the postop course (no smoking or second hand smoke, no infection and garment used for shaping as well as massage).  Second sessions for shaping the buttock are possible, but make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon with experience with this procedure for the best results.

Unhappy with results from Brazilian

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I think your overall concerns are a little too complex to answer properly on RealSelf. You need to have an accurate assessment to go over many of the aspects and areas treated. To start with you need before and after pictures. An examination is really also needed to determine the amount of subcutaneous fat and each of the treated areas. Some people have the potential to get certain results while others don't. It's important to be honest and upfront as well as have the experience to determine which patients can realistically expect certain looks or outcomes. Experience, talent and an ethical approach makes this all very possible. The time to discuss results and expectations or before surgery. Ideally all patients should visit patients at least once in person for thorough consultation before any cosmetic surgical procedure. In person consultations can easily set expectations correctly and minimize dissatisfaction and concerns after surgery. Not sure what to tell you about the clinic you went to being closed.   Regardless there was a doctor(hopefully a board-certified plastic surgeon) how did your surgery and is responsible for your follow up. You may want to consider doing some Internet searches to find the Doctor Who did your surgery and ask him or her for a follow up visit. Alternatively consider getting an in person second opinion from another board-certified plastic surgeon. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

My BBL doesn't look right - need a 2nd round?

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I am sorry to hear that your doctor's office closed down. Did you have your surgery here in the US? From your photos, I do believe that you could have a better result. You should wait until at least 6 months before undergoing more lipo. The shape of your buttocks will not improve much from this point, but the areas of liposuction may shrink more.

BBL postop 2 months

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Great question!

You are currently nine weeks post BBL. Your photo photographs show postop edema in your waistline and trunk. I would recommend continued use of circumferential lipo-foam around your waist with an abdominal lipo-board and a vest waste trainer for added compression. I would also search online for your plastic Surgeon's new location.

I wish you well through your recovery process,
James McAdoo DO FACOS

  • AOA dual board certified general and plastic reconstructive surgeon 
  • Microsurgery fellowship trained 
  • 33,000 operative cases 
  • 10,000 BBLs 

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