Mini Tummy Tuck Swelling: Will it go Down?

Hello I had a tummy tuck done on May 16th. The first timeI took off the compression garment was 5 days post-op. I was really disappointed about the results but my nurse told me do not worry it is all very swollen. It has been 2 weeks now and it looks exactly the same if not a little worse. Should I be expecting to get the flat stomach my doctor promised. me or am I just worrying to early at this stage? My stomach looked smaller before the operation now it looks even bigger compared to pre-op.

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Swelling after a tummy tuck; what to expect

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Most surgeries require some degree of recovery. Body contouring often requires more. We expect immediate gratification but often times have to wait a considerable amount of time particularly with body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck. If your doctor also performed liposuction it could be even greater. Remember a couple of things:

1. it usually takes two weeks to get back to your preoperative weight

2. early changes are seen by 4-6 weeks

3. final contour ( depending on the procedure) may take 4-6 months to achieve and as expected rely on your appropriate diet and exercise participation.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Mini tummy tuck

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At this early stage of recovery it is very difficult to assess what you final outcome will be.  However, know that it is quite common for early swelling to occur and often make your contour worse in the beginning. As the swelling goes down the new shape presents itself.  Discuss this concern with your PS.

Swelling and its resolution

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Some of what you are seeing is probably swelling. Mini tummy tucks rarely flatten much though. Let things settle over the next 3-6 months and then re-assess.


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John Di Saia

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after mini tummy tuck

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Two weeks post-operatively, it is far too soon to see the final results of surgery. Swelling is a part of the normal healing process. Swelling should subside within a couple months. My patients are asked to wear an abdominal binder to help minimize swelling and aid in the healing process. I ask my patients to stay in a flexed position for 4 weeks to prevent any complications and tension on the incision. It is important that you follow the instructions of your surgeon to ensure the best result possible. Follow up with him or her to check for any fluid accumulation (seroma). Good luck!

Recovery from a Mini Tummy Tuck

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Two weeks is pretty soon after a surgery like a mini tummy tick or mini abdominoplasty to tell what your ultimate results will be. Be patient. Swelling in the lower part of the abdomen in very common at this stage.

I hope that helps.

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Brian Windle, MD
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Tummy Tuck

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Swelling can persist for several months in some people.  Be patient, and the swelling will decrease.  Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will let you know how the repair of the muscle went if you need this part of the procedure.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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It is too early to assess your results.  Continue to wear compression and you results will become apparent gradually, over 6-8 weeks.   However, even at that interval you will still have some swelling that may take up to 6-8 months to completely resolve.   Be patient!

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and swelling

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Thank you for your question. Swelling after a tummy tuck procedure typically decreases with every week that passes, with the majority of the swelling gone by six weeks. From that point, I often tell patients that they can go about freely to exercise or engage in strenuous activity and lifting. Increased activity, however, may prolong how long the small remaining swelling takes to subside. The swelling may also be more intermittent at this stage and related to the degree of activity in any given day. This may last between the three - six month mark. I would visit with your plastic surgeon at the six month mark to revisit your results and take post-op photographs.

Mini Tummy Swelling

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Please do not become discouraged and I think with time your result will improve considerably. With liposuction and a mini tummy tuck, there is moderate swelling at two weeks which improves by a month but the final result may take up to three months to completely resolve. Occasionally persistent swelling may be due to a fluid collection or a seroma which is easily treated in your surgeons office. Followup with your surgeon and be patient

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after mini tummy tuck

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I agree that it is hard to tell this early.  Are those your pre op or post op photos? Excessive swelling can occur with fluid accumulation- your surgeon should assess you for a seroma (fluid).  If that is not the case I would recommend good compression, a low salt diet and time will tell.  If you still have that much swelling after 4-6 weeks then you should be able to tell what is skin/fat and what is not.  Good luck!

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