Will a Mini Tummy Tuck Help Loose Skin Above Navel?

Can you get a mini tummy tuck without having any loose skin, and my second question is will the mini tummy tuck remove all the skin from the navel down. I don't have any loose skin on my stomach, however, I have a very small amount of loose skin above my navel. In addition, I have a few stretch marks. They are not big at all but they still bother me. I do not mind the scar from the mini tummy tuck at all. I just want to know if the mini tummy tuck will solve my problems. Thanks

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Mini tummy tuck

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A mini tummy tuck only removes a few inches of skin from the lower abdomen, a full tummy tuck wil remove alot of skin from the umbilcus down to the pubis.

Choosing between a Mini or Full Tummy tuck.

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Thank you for your photos, they are helpful in  forming my response.  Your comment of not having any loose skin on your stomach but having a small amount of loose skin above your navel would lead me to think that a mini tummy tuck would not benefit you.  This is why:  With a mini tummy tuck, the incision is placed low on the abdomen, just above the pubic hair, and only the skin below the belly button is elevated, and the excess is trimmed off.  The belly button is fixed in place on the abdomen and this fixation is not released with a mini tummy tuck and therefore the tissue above the belly button are not affected, ie you can't pull it downward to smooth it.  To improve the tissues above the belly button the belly buttons fixation must be released.  This can be done in 2 ways: 1)  You could have a full tummy tuck.  The problem is you already stated you don't have loose skin on your abdomen, and to be sure the scar from a full tummy tuck ends up low on the abdomen, the skin from just above the belly button must be able to stretch down to the top of the pubic hair.  If it can not, the scar will sit higher on the abdomen.  2)  You could have a tummy tuck with an umbilical "float".  With this procedure the incision is placed low,  just above the pubic hair, and the skin of the abdomen is elevated up to the belly button.  Where the belly button is attached to the abdomen, inside, is released and now with no fixation point holding the abdominal skin from moving,  the abdomen skin is freed up to the ribs.  This allows the entire skin of the abdomen, with the belly button still attached, to be pulled downward, thereby smoothing it.  Should your muscles require repair, this is easily done at the same time.  The tummy tuck with an umbilical float allows your scar to sit very low on the abdomen and be very well camoflouged.  The one trade off is your belly button will sit slightly.  Looking at your photos and your description, I may be the best option for you. 

Candidate for "mini" vs "full" tummy tuck procedure

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Based on the photo you provided and the results you want to achieve, you are an ideal candidate for a full (standard) tummy tuck rather than a mini tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck involves work below the belly button only. Many women do not realize that once the improvement is made in that area, the upper abdomen area will be more prominent and, hence, becomes another problem area. i would suggest consulting with a  board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best possible and safest options with you. A full (standard) tummy tuck involves repair of the rectus muscle, which are usually stretched from pregnancy, and removal of loose skin and stretch marks. The belly button is relocated and liposuction may be included to improve body contours and provide the best result possible. This improves the ultimate appearance of the tummy significantly. Recovery will vary from patient to patient. At 2 weeks, usually, the drains are removed and patient's are able to shower. However, it is crucial that you stay hunched over for 1 full month to prevent any superficial openings and complications from tension on the incision site. The incision is placed below the underwear or bikini and is usually from hip to hip in length. Final results may be seen between 6 months to a year and results are dramatic and will be seen right away. Good luck! 

Mini tummy tuck help loose skin above navel

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Yes, I do these frequently. But I add Smart Lipo to above the navel in the operation. Fees run around $6,000. I'm in MIAMI also

Regards Dr. B

A Mini-Tummy Tuck will NOT Remove Skin ABOVE the Belly Button

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There has been a lot of ink spent describing the various types of Tummy Tucks and allied procedures but confusion persists as to WHEN is each the appropriate procedure for the appearance you wish to have.

As always, the choice of an operation depends on proper diagnosis. In looking over you picture, I would have been better able to help you if the photo was taken closer and preferably ALSO with side view with you bent at the waist in the diving position with your tummy relaxed. That would demonstrate what I suspect you have based on examining and operating on hundreds of women.

It appears you do have stretch marks going above the belly button. While you are toned I would bet that you DO have a muscle separation extending above the navel which if not addressed will not flatten the tummy as you deserve for it to be.

A Mini Tummy Tuck usually involves lifting the lower tummy skin to the belly button, fixing any below the navel separation and then removal of the loose skin. It will NOT remove excess, above the navel skin. (There is a form of a Mini Tummy Tuck where the navel is cut at its junction with the muscles and it is pulled down as a "float" to help remove more of the above the navel loose skin. The downside of doing a Float Tummy Tuck is ending with an unnaturally low placed navel).

A FULL Tummy Tuck involves COMPLETE muscle repair and tightening with a flat tummy, narrower waist, appropriately lifted Mons pubis and moving your navel higher in the skin as it is moved lower, removing ALL loose tummy skin and nearly all stretch marks.

Finally, the EXTENDED FULL Tummy Tuck are operations done usually on people who lost a lot of weight but have large amounts of loose skin and require much longer incisions.

I think you would get a much better result with a FULL Tummy Tuck but would defer to one of my colleagues who actually examined you and can see the extent of tummy muscle separation and skin looseness.

Hope this helps.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

EASY ANSWER: mini tummy tuck is NOT for loose upper abdominal skin

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The easy answer to your question is that a mini tummy tuck is NOT indicated for loose upper abdominal skin. See the video in the link below for a description of the skin to be removed in the various tummy tuck procedures.

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