Midline Shift College Student? (photo)

Hello, I have a pretty noticeable midline shift, and I have been wanting to get it fixed for quite some time. I had braces before, but my orthodontist didn't seem to care that my two front teeth were not centered under my nose. I am a college student and would prefer getting Invisalign. Would Invisalign work, and could a college student afford it? Thanks!

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Midline shift

Depending on what coursed the midline shift and on how closely the upper midline lines up with the lower midline there might be some options to correct it. It might not necessarily be Invisalign. You will need a much closer examination by an orthodontist to fully advise you.

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Dental midline shift correction

Unfortunately invisalign cannot solve your problem but it is treatable by a well thought-out orthodontic plan.  Consult a few orthodontists or general dentists experienced in orthodontics.

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Midline Shift in College Student

There is NO WAY that Invisalign will correct your very significant midline shift. Very difficult to accomplish with standard orthodontics as well.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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