Does Refinements Give You a Better Result?

im wondering do refinements correct your teeth to reach the same result your initial clincheck shows you if your teeth dont turn out the same result in the first round treatment or those refinements can correct your teeth in another level and give you a better result than the result they show you in the first clincheck? I ll be super happy if they can make my teeth tighter and look better during the refinements than the result they just showed me in the first clincheck.

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Invisalign Refinements

Refinements usually will NOT give you better results than the initial ClinChek. Rather, they will help you achieve those results if the initial series of trays did not. If you were not happy with the initial ClinChek, why did you approve starting the case?

New York Dentist


If a case NEEDS refinement, then yes, you should expect a better result.  Invisalign almost routinely needs refinement to the cases, as teeth often move differently than planned.  But sometimes teeth move as expected, so no refinement is offered.  If you don't care for your initial clincheck, I suggest expressing that with your doctor to find out what to expect.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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