Unsatisfied with Results, No Refinement Trays Offered by Doctor? (photo)

Paid £3,950 (~$6,300) for 12 trays Invisalign Lite in London. Feeling overcharged. I put ib the last tray in December. I am not happy with my upper incisors. My dentist refuses to order refinement trays. She prefers adding additional attachments to my teeth to further tweak its position (whilst still using the last, 12th tray for weeks now which is also interesting as it should be used for 2 weeks only). What shall I do? Find another practice? See photos of my upper incisors attached.

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No refinements offered

Fee seems very high for just 12 aligners.

I assume you contracted for a certain correction...not for a certain number of aligners.  If so the doctor owes it to you to finish your case...even if it requires extra aligners (which really don't cost that much extra anyway).  This should be at the doctor's expense...not yours!

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Unsatisfied with Invisalign Results in England

I'm not sure what "Invisalign Lite" is. It might be comparable to "Invisalign Express" in the States. This, reduced fee procedure, limits the number of trays and does NOT include any refinement trays.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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