Underbite : should I have my upper jaw brought forward, or my lower jaw set back?

I've read the having the upper jaw brought forward can make the nose look bigger/rounder. I want to avoid this as my nose is already big and round. Then, with having the lower jaw set back, my chin may look more recessed and weak. I'm not sure which route to take here, answers are greatly appreciated. I want to do what will look best.

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Full Evaluation

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Your first step will be an evaluation with an Orthodontist or an Oral Surgeon. The most important thing to consider is what the jaw bones look like under your skin. It is hard to assess this with pictures only. Your teeth and bite also play a role in your surgical options. After surgery, all of your teeth have to fit together appropriately.

Your doctor will take the appropriate records (exam, x-rays, photos, models) in order to determine what your best treatment options are. They will also be able to explain any side effects of surgical treatment and how to address your concerns.


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