Microcurrent or Thermage for Rosacea Treatment?

Will treatments like Microcurrent or Thermage help with rosacea or will it worsen the condition?

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No help but possible harm

Rosacea skin is very reactive. It seems to worsen with hot, cold and wind. I cannot see how the radiofrequency waves,, which are intended to damage the collagen of the dermis would in any way improve rosaea. The same would hold true for mild electic currents. It would seemd to be, logically, that these modalities could possibly worsen rosacea.

If this is being suggested by a dermatologist who is very experienced in dealing with rosacea, and this dermatologist feels it is a good idea, I would defer to their opinion on this matter. It seems to me to be an expensive stretch to think it would do any better for your condition than say IPL.

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