IPL or BBL Treatments After Micro Laser Peel?

I had a Micro Laser Peel 7 weeeks ago at a depth of 41. I still have this red pattern along my jaw line. This is the same pattern I had the day of the procedure, however it is much, much lighter. I am happy with the resurfacing results however; I have Rosacea and feel as if I could use a BBL/IPL treatment to calm down some of the red in my face. How long after Micro Laser Peel should I wait for a BBL/IPL treatment?


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BBL post Microlaser peel is great!

This is a great question, I would highly recommend Broad Band Light therapy post Microlaser peel or any Profractional ablative treatments.  At my office, we offer complimentary BBL treatments 2 weeks post Microlaser peel, and post Profractional.  This speeds up the healing time, and improves the skins tone and overall skins health.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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BBL good for redness

I think it would be safe to have the BBL procedure 4 weeks or so after your original procedure.

In most cases, however, the redness will continue to fade on its own. So before spending anymore, consider giving it a bit more time!

Benjamin C. Marcus, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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