Will a Birthmark Treated with Skin Bleaching Cream Reappear over Time?

Would hydroquinone cream fade a birthmark permanenetly?

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Hydroquinone for Birthmarks

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Hello Anonymous,

Unfortunately, nothing we know of except surgical removal will result in permanent removal of your birthmark. Hydroquinone may lighten it for the period you are using the product and lasers may cause it to fade long term (perhaps even permanently), but there is no guarantee with any method except surgery that your birthmark will not return.

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NO, but laser treatment may work-read more.

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HQ or hydroquinone seems like a logical way to reduce pigmentation, as it block pigment producing cells from producing melanin- this makes the birthmark brown. So in theory, you are indeed correct. The problem is that birthmarks are poorly understood, and bleaching creams just don't work. 

A solution for brown birth marks is laser- newer lasers such as Syneron 1064 QSL maybe a better treatment than the current nano/pico second lasers- time will tell.


Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

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