Is it okay to get a tummy tuck and BBL after a miscarriage?

I had scheduled surgery (tummy tuck and bbl) for September 30th (one month away). Then I found out I was pregnant, but I then had a miscarriage. Is it safe to continue with surgery? Or how long should I wait?

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Liposuction and abdominoplasty after miscarriage

Yes the procedures can be performed after a miscarriage, should wait at least a menstrual cycle after the miscarriage, and feel comfortable since the psychological stress after a miscarriage can be difficult.

Is it okay to get a tummy tuck and BBL after a miscarriage?

A few issues are presented in this case. #1. Time frame following miscarriage or TOP, in my view, wait at least til the 1st menstrual cycle occurs after this event would be my recommendation. This could be 30 to 60 days. #2. In the Sate of Florida cannot combine BBL with Full TT in office surgery setting unless the BBL is less than 1,000 cc's TOTAL.  Maybe you need to see the chosen surgeon in person again or ASAP to discuss.

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