After tummy tuck, the mid section sticks out why? (photo)

I am 3 month post op now and my midsection sticks out after I eat or by the end of the day. It's the midsection where I had muscle repair. Not only does it stick out its hard. What is that? What is it from? And what should I do?

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Protruding abdomens after tummy tucks

can come from many sources.  Technique of suture muscles can produce this problem if there is excessive tightness below.  Suture failure could produce an area of protrusion as well.  The most common reason I've seen in my practice is the skin of the tummy is pulled inwards with the muscle suture and closure (high lateral tension) and this will produce excessive lax skin centrally that will benefit from aggressive liposuction once you are healed.

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After tummy tuck, the mid section sticks out why?

Dear beeuteefull2016The abdominoplasty muscle repair essentially spans from the top to the bottom of your abdomen. Many surgeons will tighten the bottom half a little more than the top half. If the entire muscle is repaired to maximum tightness, then the constant increase in the intra-abdominal cavity pressure can lead to hemorrhoids and even hernias. By tightening the bottom your surgeon controls the flatness of your tummy and brings the oblique muscles inward, optimally narrowing your waist. Meanwhile, when you stand, unless you have gained significant weight or just ate, you have room in upper abdomen. If you loose weight, it will be perfectly flat.In your case, if you share a three-quarter or side-view, more case specific information can be assessed. You should certainly go back to your surgeon, be examined and discuss your concerns.

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Mid section sticking out

Mid section sticking out is caused by either a)stretching out of your repaired muscle; b)poor muscle repair (i.e. tension over the top and over the bottom tighter than the mid section where it is bulging out.Please follow up with your surgeon.

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