Skin atrophy after keloid treatment of Tummy Tuck scar? (photos)

I developed several small keloids alond my scar, with the largest at 1 of the drain sites. 18 months after my tummy tuck sugery my PS injected them with steriods. Weeks later they flattened out then later develped into deep indentations. What is the best way to correct this? The issue seems to be that the steriods melted away all the fat under the scar so I am not sure scar revision will be an appropriate approach.

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Keloid scars and steroid injections

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You seem to have a nice flat tummy now and congratulations on your transformation! Keloid scars can be very difficult to treat. Steroid injections do seem to help, however they do carry a risk of fat atrophy... disolving fat under the keloid scar. Looks like you have had some of this. If this is a real concern for you, you could consider having fillers or fat injected into this area to fill the depression.


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I think the best way to treat this now is to excise the area, leaving a new scar where the old one was. This can happen anytime you inject steroids, which is why some of us will never do that.

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