How does running and elliptical effect results after bbl recovery?

When can I start running again? Dr. Andrew Jimerson mentioned in a video that if you run alot, you may not get a big butt or you might not keep the size that you want. Can someone explain a little more in depth? I run about 4 days a week 2 to 3 miles. Also, how will the elliptical effect results?

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How does running and elliptical effect results after bbl recovery?

Hello and thank you for your question!

Physical activity is important in terms of decreasing the amount of tissue and increasing the blood flow to the graft, however, it needs to be moderate. In order for the fat to survive in the area where it was injected, you would need rest for at least 2 weeks. Whenever you choose to begin after the two weeks, start out with one exercise for some time, and then you are able to do more as time passes. Be very careful with any heavy lifting.

Please visit a board certified plastic surgeon for further advice and the best, safest results.

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Running after BBL

I allow my patients to start working out about 3-4 weeks after Brazilian Butt Lift. Specifically running or elliptical will not affect the buttock shape or ability to maintain size. When you gain or lose weight, that will make the fat in your fat cells (which are now in your buttock) get bigger or smaller but it's not the actual running or elliptical that changes this - it's working out in general. If you maintain your weight, you will maintain the results from surgery. Best wishes!

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I allow my patients to begin running within 4 weeks after surgery. Running or the elliptical should not have any affect on your result. However, if you are to gain and loose weight it will. Always, check with your board certified plastic surgeon on their post operative care instructions. Best wishes.

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How does running and elliptical effect results after bbl recovery?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. After the procedure, fat cells can get absorbed from the buttocks, if you get a 100% of injected fat, an amount of aprox. 40%, that may happen for the first 4 to 6 weeks. To prevent this dont do excersises, or diets, use your boopy pillow for at least 8 weeks.

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Running off your BBL

Great question!

 I recommend a delay in gluteal muscle activity that would cause weight loss for six months after BBL procedure.  Your body is in a state of growth in the buttock area during this time. This growth rate determines thevlong term size and shape of your buttocks. The growth stimulation is produced by the fat grafts injected into your buttocks and only lasts for approximately six months. During that six months, approach your daily routine with the mindset as if you need to increasing energy stores for a new buttock fat cell formation.  Gluteal muscle exercise will steal energy from the local fat cells in your buttocks and reduce the rate of new fat cell growth limiting the full potential of your result. 

I wish you well through your recovery process,

James S. McAdoo DO FACOS,

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