How long to see Kybella results?

I had a very small amount of under chin fat injected with Kybella 6 weeks ago. It became very swollen after and stayed swollen for about 3 weeks (bullfrog style.) Now that swelling has gone down, but the chin looks the same as it did before injections. Is it possible the doctor did not inject enough to do anything? How long does it take to see the final results?

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At least two treatments will noticeable Kybella results

Patients don't usually see noticeable results till after their second treatment. I never create the expectation that you will see something after one treatment with my patients. 

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Kybella results.

I find that it takes may take 4 weeks to get back to where you started, but then you should see an improvement as the fat goes away over week 4-8.  Multiple treatments are typically needed (most of my patients do 2-4) and each treatment helps a little.  A common problem though is seeing the gradual improvement when you look in the mirror each day- I would return to see your doctor at 8 weeks and have him take after photos and compare to the before.  The results vary patient to patient, but the majority of patients will see an improvement after each injection.  You might be surprised that the improvement is more than you thought when you look at those photos. Good Luck!

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How long to see Kybella results?

After 6 weeks you are now seeing your results from your first injection. If your appearance is unchanged you either need more, or you were not a good candidate for Kybella to begin with. 

See my video. Most patients have 2-4 sessions separated by 4-6 weeks. This should have been discussed with you at your initial consultation.

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Hi Anna B.,

Thank you for your question.  Please note that before and after pictures would really help us understand what is going on.  I usually recommend patients give it a full 12 weeks to see the final result, but should be noticeable by 6 weeks.  Most patients require at least 2 treatments, but can take as many as 4 treatments.  I would recommend you review your photos with the doctor and see if additional treatments would be necessary.  The fact that you swelled, means that the product did have an effect.  It would be unusual to have no response, since the method of injecting and volume used is standardized.

Hope that helps.


Dr. B

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How long to see Kybella results?

As in the Allergen training and brochure, KyBella therapy sessions are 2 to 4 times every 6 weeks. Swelling can last 3 to 6 weeks after each sessions. Final results take 12 to 18 weeks to see. Average fee spent is $3,000+. If this was not explained before the initial session than you should discuss with your injecting doctor. Informed consents are paramount in any treatments!

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Kybella timing of results

 Thank you for your question. Kybella is often repeated every six weeks and may take 2 to 4 sessions to see a noticeable change. I have found however, that incremental changes are noticeable with each treatment. If you spread the treatment interval to several months, a greater degree of change can be observed between each treatment. I would make sure that your practice takes before and after pictures. This will be the most definitive way for you to see the before-and-after effects of your treatment.

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Kybella Results

The results of Kybella are meant to remove submental fat from underneath the chin.  The results are similar to neck liposuction.  However, Kybella does nothing but tighten the skin.  Patients with loose skin will need a second procedure such as Ultherapy Venus or Thermi.  It’s not used to treat large volumes of fat in the neck, just very localized fat deposits.  It usually requires 3-4 treatments of the injection about a month apart.  For patients who are candidates the results have been very good so far.

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Swelling with Kybella

While most people experience marked swelling for only 3-4 days after a Kybella injection, I always tell clients that it's possible the swelling can last several weeks.  I also tell my clients that full results aren't seen until about 6 weeks after the injections and that almost everybody  needs 3-4 treatments.  Some clients start to see change after the first treatment, but many don't notice anything until after the 2nd or even 3rd treatments. 

It's certainly possible that you weren't given a large enough dose or that you aren't a good candidate for Kybella.  However, if you are going to an experienced MD, the likelihood of those possibilities is low.

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Kybella results

I always tell my patients that it will take between 2-4 Kybella treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart in order to see their final results. My guess is that need a second treatment. 


Kouros Azar

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How long to see Kybella results?

If you had that amount of swelling then your doctor probably injected the right amount. Most people require 2 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to get good results from it so wait until at least 4 weeks after your second treatment before judging. Some people may need a third or fourth treatment depending on how much submental fat they started with. Hope that helps.

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