How long before or after Ulthera can I do a Hydrafacial(tm)?

I would like to know if a Hydrafacial(TM) can be done before/same day as Ulthera and also how long to wait after Ulthera for a Hydrafacial? As It involves a Hydradermabrasion, Acid Peel (Glycolic) Lactic and Salicylic and infused hyaluronic, would these help or hinder Ulthera results in any way?

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Hydrofacial, microdermabrasion and peels after Ultherapy from Albany NY Ultherapy Expert

To avoid complications like skin irritation or break-outs, wait until any bruising or skin soreness is gone after your Ultherapy treatment - usually within 2-7 days, then it is fine to resume all cosmetic skin surface treatments!
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Utherapy and Hydrofacial

Hi and thank you for your question.

At our practice, most of our patients receive the 1.5mm transducer in some or all of the areas that are being treated. So in this case, we would suggest they don't do the Hydrofacial on the same day. The face can be a bit sore after Ultherapy, especially with the amount of treatment we do here. It would be fine to do the hydrofacial even after a few days, but because of the sensitivity of the treatment area, the patient may want to wait a week or two. We have both of these treatments and they will work great together to provide a nice result.


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Hydrafacial After Ultherapy

Ultherapy works on the deeper layers of the skin, so theoretically a hydrafacial can be done on the same day as your Ultherapy treatment, provided that the Ultherapy is done first. The only thing is that there may be slightly more swelling than doing either treatment alone. These different treatment modalities often work well together. Hope this helps answer your question.

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Hydrafacial after Ultherapy

Thank you for your question. 

There is no skin disruption after Ultherapy. Therefore, 2 days later you can get your hydrafacial.

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