How to get your iron up for surgery?

My doctor says my iron has to be at a 12 in order to have my surgery and i wanted to know how could i quickly get my iron up if it is already at an 11?

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How to get your iron up for surgery

Oral Iron is easy to get as an over the counter supplement.  Combine Iron pills ( 2 or 3 times de dose recommended in the bottle , since you are trying to get it up , not just supplement ) , folic acid 400 mg day , vitamin B12 and Vitamin C 500 mg.  This combination taken all together will help you get your hemoglobin levels good for surgery. Also add red beat juice , beans , broccoli and greens on your diet.
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Increasing iron for surgery

Increasing iron for surgery. Great question!
There are many iron supplements you can take to increase availability for absorption.   The most effective product that we have experienced with our patients in increasing the value of the hemoglobin and hematocrit is  Floradix iron and herbs liquid extract formula. It is a dietary supplement rich in iron and eight vitamins. Patients usually experience a rise in thier iron immediately within 1 to 2 days. 
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