I want veneers. I plan on getting them, should I get Invisalign first?

Basically on my top row my lateral incisors are a bit behind my two front teeth. Can porcelain veneers cover that up or would I have to get them to expand a bit. I have a crossbite and my bottom row is really messed up as well. I will go for veneers but I think maybe Invisalign would be better thing to do before veneers. Around how much would Invisalign be for top and bottom row? Does insurance cover it partially?

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Should I have veneers after Invisalign?

You seem to have healthy and nicely coloured teeth
you have moderate upper and severe lower crowding 
with a deep bite.
in my experience all you need is to expand the arches with Invisalign and no veneers 
ball park figure is about £4000 saving £10,000 on veneers 

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I want veneers. I plan on getting them, should I get Invisalign first?

Orthopedic widening should precede veneers.  I would strongly suggest you investigate the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics as the best approach.  You have an extremely narrow mouth and probably a restricted airway.

The DNA Appliance is only worn 12-14 hours / day.  

That said it is possible to do incredible changes with porcelain and ceramics that can give the appearance of wide big healthy smile.

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