Can you get hip revision after bbl?

I am 6 days post op from bbl/lipo and I hate how wide my hips look after. I asked that no hips be added because I was happy with the hips I had, he explained to me that he would just fill in the dents on my buttocks. He did that but I did not realize it would look as huge as it is does. My legs are too skinny and looks unproportionate, especially when I turn to the side. Am I going crazy and just need to let swelling go down? If not is there a way for this to be revised in the future? Thank u!

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First, its normal to feel anxious following surgery.

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Thanks for your question. First, its normal to feel anxious following surgery, you may want to see results immediately  but it takes time to see final results. I will suggest to wait for a few weeks and i am sure your hips will come down. 

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Right now it is too early to see your final size due to swelling. Just be patient and discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

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