What do doctors charge, if anything, for BBL touchups?

bbl touch up costs

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What do doctors charge, if anything, for BBL touchups?

That's a very insightful question Nadine.  Truth be told, a great deal of us love to achieve our interpretation of perfection, and are all about taking care of you at a significantly reduced cost for things things that may be needed from time to time.  Although it varies, around $1,500-2,500 to cover material and anesthesia costs. Wish you the best!

Costs for touch up or revision plastic surgery

Dear Nadine1284,
Costs for revision BBL vary greatly.  There is usually at least a fee for anesthesia and operating room materials ($1000-$2000).  Beyond that, it depends on the number and extent of additional areas to be liposuctioned or re-liposuctioned.  Good luck!

BBL touchups

The fee will vary from surgeon to surgeon. You are probably better off getting the touch-up from your primary surgeon.  He will likely give you the best rate.

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BBL touch up

Doctors usually charge based on number of areas liposuctioned, time and volume.  Touch ups need less of these, so for my patients I charge a fraction of the first cost depending on what they need.

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