Any suggestions; crescent vs donut breast lift?

What is the difference between a crescent and a donut breast lift? I spoke to one surgeon who says I should get the crescent and another one who says the donut. I am very confused. I am 26 and never had kids. I have a small B. my breasts are very asymetrrical and the areolas are a little bit big. I am unsure what is best. I do worry a lot about the scars. but i dont want to do a crescent to later have to do it again.

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Any suggestions; crescent vs donut breast lift?

Thank you for the question. Although I cannot provide you with definitive advice I can tell you that I think that a crescent breast lift does not provide  significant  enough of a breast lift  to be valuable; in other words, it generally accomplishes nothing of significance, and will expose you to risks of areola distortion/elongation/poor scarring.   On the other hand, the Benelli breast lift is indicated for patients who require minimal breast lifting; again it is not a powerful enough breast for patients with significant breast ptosis.

My best advice: select your plastic surgeon carefully; make sure that he/she has significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you will be pleased with. Learn about pros/cons/risks/complications associated with all options available. Best wishes.

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Crescent lift vs donut lift

 A crescent lift does not really lift the breast and long term can create an oval shaped breast. The donut lift doesn't do much lifting but is better to decrease the size of an enlarged areola. Ask your surgeon about using a Gore-Tex suture for the donut lift.

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Any suggestions; crescent vs donut breast lift?

The donut or circum-areolar lift is more effective than the  crescent lift,
Your large areolas will also be reduced in size with the donut lift.

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Any suggestions; crescent vs donut breast lift?

Sounds from the written description you need a donut lifting BUT NO POSTED PHOTOS to see!!! Either post with photos or see more in person opinions from private practice boarded PSs in MIAMI.

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