Had alarplasty in one nostril now instead of being wider is taller - Do I need revision? (photo)

I had alarplasty for my right nostril because it was wider than my left nostril. After, I realized that instead of being wider now it's longer then my other nostril and it's really bugging me. I'm 8 days post-op, please tell me that it may be due to swelling even if I don't feel swollen or I might need revision. Thank you.

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Alar / nostril asymmetry

8 days is still too early to judge your results. Swelling will take months to decrease so that you can judge on the very smallest of details. It can be difficult to wait during the rhinoplasty recovery period, but please try to be patient and follow up with your surgeon.

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Alarplasty Swelling? Yes

Your alar base position looks fine in this photos. As you are only 8 days out from your surgery, it is far too soon to pass any judgements on the height of your nostrils or soft tissue due to swelling. Please be patient. Wait at least 6 months or more to determine your approval with cosmetic enhancement to your nostrils. Doubt you will need a revision. 

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