How soon after a tummy tuck can you apply the silicone tape to reduce the appearance of scar?

How soon after a tummy tuck can you apply the silicone tape to reduce the appearance of scar?

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Silicone tape

Every surgeon has found a way that works best for them in order to help a patient heal with the least visible scar possible.  Patients was to DO something to make the scar behave. Sometimes it is better to allow things to heal naturally, into a thin white line, by doing nothing.  While silicone tape generally doesn't cause any harm, some surgeons thinks it can help improve scarring.  Most make their patients wait about 3 weeks after surgery to begin using it.  You should ask your surgeon what their recommendations would be.

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Scar management

The trade off for a tummy tuck is the scar, though we have never had a patient feel that it was not a good trade. Part of the art in plastic surgery is to make scars that are as hidden as possible, and the goal with a tummy tuck scar is for it to be a fine line that blends in well and is below the bikini line.

We put Micropore tape for three weeks and then change to a scar care regiment of silicone and massage. We recommend massage with silicone gel twice a day starting three weeks after surgery. This is the best supported strategy in the literature, and has noticeable results on scar maturation.

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Silicone sheeting


In my practice I recommend starting with Silicone treatment roughly 3 weeks post op or as soon as the incision is completely closed. I recommend that you have your Plastic Surgeon advise you on when to begin. All the best

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Scar management after tummy tuck

Hi, vivian826.  Thanks for your questions.  Once your incision has healed (which may take 2-3 weeks), you can apply a silicone tape.  Prior to applying the silicone tape, please get the clearance from your plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

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Silicone tape after tummy tuck.

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us.

Generally when there is a thickening of the scar of the recovery. Which means 15 days after surgery.

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Scar care

Thank you for your question.  It is always best to discuss questions related to your post operative care with your surgeon first, as each surgeon has their own unique set of instructions meant ot help you achieve the best overall result.  That being said, typically we advise our patients that they may begin scar scare 3-4 weeks after surgery if the have had an uneventful recovery.

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Scar strips

 Are you Steri-Strips after surgery and remove them at two weeks. If there are no scabs I allow patients to use scar strips immediately.  Always check with your surgeon to make sure this is right for you. 

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How soon after a tummy tuck can you apply the silicone tape to reduce the appearance of scar?

Always best to ask your chosen surgeon, Dr Ortega, those post op questions. we all have different personal protocols for scar therapy... 

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Silicone tape

I usually have my patients start scar creams and tapes once all of the sutures are out.some use both.

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Silicone tape after tummy tuck

Hello, in my practice, fabric tapes called Steri-strips are applied to the incision during surgery, so there is no need to apply scar strips or any other treatment until these are removed about 2 weeks after surgery.  There are variations in scar care after surgery so your PS will likely have a specific scar regimen.

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