I can't afford a boob job. What can I do? (Photo)

I want a boob job but can't offered it I have no boobs I feel like a ugly women with out boobs what can I do

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Can't afford breast surgery.

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Thanks for your question.  Some patients will finance their operation over several years, but others prefer to delay surgery then pay for the operation outright, to avoid interest charges.

I can't afford a boob job. What can I do?

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Breast augmentation is considered cosmetic surgery.  There may be a medical school near you that has a residency training program and you might be able to have a resident do your surgery. You would still have to pay for the implants, the OR and the anesthesia.

Affordability of breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.
I understand your reason and desire.

You have several options:
1)Join a credit union and start putting some money away on a monthly basis just like a 
 "lay away plan". Before you know it using this mechanism and combining with below
  you will reach your goal!
2)Several financing options are available (Carecredit.com, Alphaeon.com,
   credit union,  etc)
   If your credit score is less than optimal, you can often get a co-signer.
3)Loma Linda University Plastic Surgery Dept has Plastic Surgeons in training and offer 
   reduced  fees to let the trainee perform your surgery. (909) 824-0800 ask for Plastic
   Surgery Training Office.
4)heard of but never known personally..... to start a "office fund" for your surgery where
   your Associates donate money to help offset the surgical fees

My best wishes,

Breast Augmentation I can't afford it what can I do?

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Financing is the most popular way to pay for Breast Augmentation for those who can't afford the up front cost.  Care Credit is the most popular of these for financing your surgery.

Low-cost surgery

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You may consider contacting the USC cosmetic surgery resident clinic. This is where a plastic surgery resident who is supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon can perform your surgery. The surgery is often far more affordable. You would have to pay for the cost of implants, anesthesia, and a small fee for the operating room.  There is no fee for the surgeon.  Saline implants are also more affordable than silicone implants. 

Surgery cost

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Thank you for your question but there are so many financing options out there you should be able to find one to cover your surgery

Dr Corbin

Self conscious about breast size

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Beauty comes from within, regardless of breast size and shape.  There are "tricks" however, to use to help create the look you want.  Certain bras, such as the push up bra,  and clothing cuts will give the illusion of a fuller bust.  

Save some money

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Just delay and save. Almost all plastic surgery patients are not wealthy but they are motivated and save and save until they can afford it. 

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