Is it harder to get a good result over age 60 when you have a facelift? They seem to be more effective on younger people

It seems that after a year many of the facelift fail on people over the age of 60. Is the face of an older person harder to get good lasting results?

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Best age for a face lift

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Thank you for asking about face lift results.

This is what research shows:
  1. Face lifts done by age 55 have the most enduring and best results.
  2. Face lifts after that will still have excellent results in the right candidate - well through the age of 80.
  3. But face lifts bone in older people are more likely to need re-tightening earlier. 
Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope this information helps. Best wishes!

The Best Age For Facelift

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There is some evidence that a facelift procedure will look better and last longer on a younger patient 

But don't dismay. More important than your chronological age is your physiologic age, which is determined by your health, genetics and lifestyle. Many patients over the age of 60 are perfect candidates for facial rejuvenation especially when measures are taken to compensate for age-related changes in bone, fat and skin elasticity. Seek a surgeon with experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation that also understands the biology of aging.

Facelift After The Age Of 60

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The desire and age of facial rejuvenation is not determined so much by your age, but your genetics and health. Facial rejuvenation is commonly done in patients over the age of 60. You will have excellent results if done in the hands of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation and one who understands the science of aging.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

What is the right age for a facelift

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You are at a perfect age for a facelift and it is not harder to get a good result.  As long you’re healthy and have realistic expectations, facelift is a great option for your aging face. I recommend local anesthesia and twilight sedation instead of general anesthesia. I have performed well over 2,500 facelifts under local anesthesia with oral sedation for the past ten years. Without doubt it is safe and well tolerated by patients. Compare to the traditional facelift procedures that are performed under general anesthesia, the post operative complications associated with local anesthesia cases are lower and risk of bleeding is minimized.

Is it harder to get a good result over 60 with a facelift?

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It really depends upon the condition of the patient’s skin, not their age. If a 60 year old has maintained their skin by not smoking and not exposing to sun and the skin is in fairly good shape, then the results of a facelift should be excellent. On the flip side, a 45 year old who has been smoking and exposed to the sun, will have skin in much worse shape, and in that patient a facelift will not be as long-lasting due to a lack of elasticity in the skin.

Skin Condition & Lifestyle Are Major Factors

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That's a good question. While age itself does not determine the result, it is true that as we get older, our skin loses elasticity. Therefore the results in an older patient may not last as long as they would for someone who is younger. What really determines the outcome and the longevity of the outcome is the condition of the skin. Generally, younger patients get less dramatic results because they have not yet developed severe jowling and neck laxity. Because the skin is in better condition, they get less dramatic results that will last longer. Older patients will obtain more dramatic results because they have more jowling and more neck laxity, but because the elasticity is not as good, their results will not last as long. Your lifestyle has much to do with the longevity of the result, as well. Identical twins can have results that last differently. If one is a smoker who drinks a lot of alcohol, has significant weight gain and losses, and has excessive sun exposure, her result will not last as long as the twin who does not smoke, drink, and tan. Thanks for your question!

Facelift results at any age

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Everyone ages differently, so when looking at facelift candidates and assessing their potential facelift results, I focus less on the age of the patient and more on how the patient's face has aged. Good candidates for a facelift include those who are experiencing sagging skin on the face or jawline, volume loss, deep lines or creases, or creases and folds on the neck. However, with age the elasticity of skin reduces, which may limit the best outcomes, but overall you can still expect very good results.

You should consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in facelift procedures so he can examine your face and give you a more detailed answer as to what sort of results you can expect from surgery. An experienced facial plastic surgeon should be able to provide you with significant improvements. Additionally, it is important to take care of your skin and face after your facelift to slow the future signs of aging down. After surgery your face will start the aging process again, so if you take care of your skin with a good skin care routine and daily sunscreen, you can slow down the process.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Older patients have poorer skin elasticity which can affect the long term results

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Older patients have poorer skin elasticity which can affect the long term result.  However, that being said, being older does not prevent you from having a facelift or getting a great results.  You are right, however, that younger patient get better results easier because their younger skin is more elastic

Are Facelifts More Effective in Patients Under 60?

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Since age is correlated with a loss of elasticity, then, generally speaking, younger patients get better results than older patients in the sense that their skin is closer to Lycra. The less the elasticity, the more the skin behaves like tissue paper. 

Genetics, sun damage, health history, and nicotine exposure are some of the factors that can impact the quality of your skin and deeper tissues, which can impact your facelift result. Some 60-year-olds with great genes and in good health will get a more dramatic result than some 40-year-olds who, say, have lost 150 pounds. 

If you're considering a facelift, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon who can show you good before-and-after photos. Attached is a link to help you find a good surgeon and prepare for your consultation.

Facelift Over Age 60 - Great Results for most

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Over age 60 is one of the most common age groups for a facelift and the majority will get excellent results. Each person's requirements are different as well as results. The most important factor is selecting the best plastic surgeon for this procedure

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