SculpSure - what to do post treatment?

Can you get sun post treatment? How many days do you have to message the area for?

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SculpSure Aftercare

It is recommended to avoid the sun (tanning in the area treated) for a week before and after the SculpSure treatment.  Outside those time periods there would be no problems being in the sun.  Regarding massage, 5 minutes twice a day for several weeks is recommended. Sometimes small clusters of fat can be palpated below the skin - the massage helps to avoid this occurrence or diminish the duration.  For optimal outcomes, proper hydration is recommended.

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SculpSure recovery/post treatment

Thank you for your question. There is no downtime after the SculpSure procedure. My patients are able to get back to work and their regular lives directly after. You can massage the area once a day for about a week. There are some patients that opt to massage their treatment area for a few more weeks because their body may take longer to get rid of the fat that has been detached. After your procedure, follow up with your doctor so that he or she can review your treatment are and give you the best advice according to your results.

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Post op instructions after SculpSure

Massaging the treated area for 5-10 minutes several times a day will help the area settle down.  I would do this for 2-3 weeks.  Avoiding direct sunlight for about a week should be fine.  Otherwise there is no limitations on your activity.

Enjoy your result!

David Finkle, MD
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Post treatment care after SculpSure

It is possible that the treated area after a SculpSure treatment may be more sensitive, so I would recommend avoiding any direct sun exposure to that area for about a week after the treatment.  There is no exact time period that is recommended for the massage afterwards, but I would say 5-10 minutes, twice a day for a week should be fine.  If you were already treated, you may want to check with the physician who treated you to see if they have different guidelines.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Post SculpSure Treatment Tips

Some patients may experience temporary redness, tenderness, swelling, and tissue firmness on the treatment sites. Tenderness may last up to 2 weeks. Patients are encouraged to gently massage the area twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes and are able to use a cold compress and/or acetaminophen to help relieve any discomfort. Many people resume normal daily activities, including exercise immediately post-treatment. Physical activity with proper hydration helps mobilize fat via the lymphatic system, which promotes the elimination process of the dead fat cells.

Some tips on things to avoid include:

– Discontinue other pain medications before SculpSure treatments, because anti inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) like ibuprofen (Advil) can suppress the inflammatory response needed to disrupt the fat cells. 

– Refrain from getting other laser treatments like laser hair removal or laser skin tightening because your body might be absorbing too much energy from a variety of different laser treatments. A good rule of thumb is waiting 2 weeks in between any treatments. 

– Avoid direct sun exposure a few days before your treatment. Your skin might become sensitive from possible sun damage/sun burns that may not be aware of. This may affect how much discomfort you experience during your SculpSure treatment.

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Thank you for your question. Our patients of SculpSure are afforded the luxury to resume their normal activities, with the knowledge that drinking lots of water will expedite their recovery and results. We recommend patients avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area for up to a week. I suggest that you move forward by consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. 

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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SculpSure and Tanning

Great questions. You are to avoid tanning for 7 days before your treatment with SculpSure.  After your treatment, you can go out in the sun without a problem. During the first 10 days, post treatment, we recommend you massage the areas you had treated 2 times a day for about 5 minutes.  Drinking plenty of water also helps the body remove the fat cells.

SculpSure Post Care

Hello Tikichichi,

Thank you for your question. There is no down time with SculpSure. You should avoid the sun for the 1st week after your treatment. You can return to your normal activities, just make sure you massage the areas that were treated 5-10 minutes several times throughout the day and drink lots of water! Hope this helps.

Best, Dr Faraz

SculpSure Post Procedure Instructions

We advise our patients to avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for a week after treatment.  Massage is recommended twice a day for 5 minutes x 2 weeks.  There are no other restrictions.  Our patients do exceptionally well after treatment and have virtually no side effects.  Patients appreciate being able to return to work and exercise immediately. 

Kent V. Hasen, MD
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SculpSure - what to do post treatment?

One of the great things about SculpSure is that there is no downtime at all, and nothing specific you have to do. You can resume work, play and normal activities immediately. We always recommend that patients be careful with sun exposure after any kind of laser treatment, and massaging the treated area for 5-10 minutes twice daily will definitely help your results. How long to continue this for varies tremendously with providers, but most say 1-2 weeks is all that is needed.

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