Sculpsure Laser effectiveness?

Is Sculpsure any more effective than the other types of laser, i.e., Coolsculpt, Vanquish for fat reduction?

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Sculpsure is an outstanding, non-invasive fat reduction procedure

Sculpsure is an outstanding, fast, relatively painless option for fat reduction, with no downtime! I did the procedure myself during lunch, and saw patients all afternoon in the office! Compared to Coolsculpt, I think the results are more uniform, without any risk of "shelving" or contour irregularities. It's also faster than Coolsculpt!

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SculpSure extremely effective

I have found SculpSure to be extremely effective in the right patient. It safely removes up to 23% of the fat cells in the treatment area. I find that most patients needs two treatments and it can take anywhere from 6-13 weeks to see your results so it does require a bit of patience but then so do any of the non-invasive body contouring options. Hope this helps. 

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Thank you for your question. Yes, SculpSure is the most effective laser on the market for eliminating fat. SculpSure has the capability to eliminate up to 25% of unwanted belly fat that tends to resist diet and exercise. It is the only FDA-approved laser targeting fat loss as well. I suggest that you move forward by consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. 

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Thank you for your question.

Sculpsure is a noninvasive 1060nm diode laser treatment that removes up to 25% of stubborn fat in the treated area in 25 minutes.It is FDA approved for the abdomen and flanks. It is safe if you get pregnant in the future.
The body contouring effects are seen in as quick as six weeks with final results at 12 weeks. 
The results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight and health.
The laser targets and destroys the fat cells only which are then naturally removed from the body. Since the laser does not affect the skin or muscle it can be used on all skin colors and there has been no reported incidents of burns when treated by a properly trained physician. It is protective since it alternates heating and cooling. 
It has four applicators that can be customized to treat the areas of stubborn fat. 
If a second treatment is needed we wait at least six weeks and usually closer to 12. 

If you notice lumps after (which I've never seen) I would recommend massage. You should also alert your surgeon.

There is no downtime and you can resume your normal activities right after the treatment. There may be some soreness in the area for a few days for which you can take ibuprofen or tylenol. A cold compress can also be used.

Sculpsure is not used for skin tightening however some of her patients have seen this. If more skin tightening is needed we have combined this with thermi or Ulthera for a complete treatment. Sculpsure is recommended for stubborn areas of fat that are not being lost by diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss treatment

Since I have both a coolsculpting and sculpsure I am working on protocols of utilizing both of these depending upon what areas need to be treated and the response to the treatment. 
I have used sculpsure on other areas other than the abdomen with very good results. 

I also use a Vectra 3D imaging system to try and show people what their treatment areas could look like.

Since Sculpsure outcomes can be based on technique and experience, please see a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes body contouring to see if Sculpsure or other treatments are available to meet your goals. 

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Dr. Schwartz 
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Jaime S. Schwartz, MD, FACS
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Sculpsure Is Very Effective in Non-invasive Fat Redution

I have experience with all three of these devices.  Sculpsure is extremely effective with a shorter treatment period (25min vs 1-4hrs with Coolsculpt and upto 5- 1hr treatments with Vanquish).  Further, there is no residual pain, numbness or bruising, which can happen with Coolsculpt.  I know because I had it done and had numbness and discomfort for 4 months.  Coolsculpting can also cause indentations due to the vacuum effect and the common "frozen stick of butter" that needs to be massaged out.  I have treated several patients who have been left with these deformities and they are difficult to get complete resolution.  Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with techniques of fat reduction, both surgical and nonsurgical to see which if best for you. 

Brian Joseph, MD
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Sculpsure vs Coolsculpting vs Velashape and others

I have used all 3 devices, out of Sculpsure, Coolsculpting and Velashape - the most outstanding are the first two. The advantages of Sculpsure is that it is quick, well tolerated, with no downtime. I have had this procedure myself (I avoided Coolsculpting because of the downtime after the procedure). Like others, after the Sculpsure procedure, I was in the gym that evening. Can't do that with Coolsculpting. 
Having said all that, there are advantages to Coolsculpting, as this can contour better. ie. if you have tiny areas the mini-coolsculpting applicator is great. I think the best results are tailored according to your areas of concern, and not just the device itself. 
Dr Davin Lim Laser dermatologistFiori Institute Skin and BodyBrisbane, Australia

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Sculpsure and other methods

Sculpsure is very new, and we are still discovering its effectiveness.  I think early results are very promising.  At this point the best thing about sculpsure is its relative ease and very low discomfort.  Sculpsure looks to be at least as effective as the other fat reduction methods you mentioned.

Sculpsure effectiveness

SculpSure has about the same amount of fat reduction as coolsculpt.  The primary difference is in the overall effect - SculpSure treats the area in contact with the applicators and a small zone around it so that you don't get shelving.  Shelving is when you can see a true definition in the location of the applicator.  Sculpsure also has not been associated with any lingering pain although there may be some tenderness as if you had a workout. 

Jennifer Parker Porter, MD, FACS
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SculpSure is currently the best method for non invasive fat reduction

SculpSure uses a laser to target and destroy fat cells.  It is very efficient, quick and painless with no down time and is FDA indicated.  It is adjustable, adaptable and there are no side effects. The laser is precise and the results are consistent.  Most people need only one treatment.  There is a 24% fat reduction in 25 minutes.

Vanquish uses radio-frequency to reduce fat cells, it takes longer and the results are inconsistent.  Three or four sessions are needed and it is uncomfortable. 

CoolSculpting uses cold to destroy the fat cells.  There is a 25% reduction in fat, the sessions last 1 hour and can be painful during and after the treatment.  Loose skin is necessary to be "sucked" into the applicator head for treatment.  There are frequently" step off zones" where the treatment ends and the unaffected fat starts again.

The newest, most sophisticated and easiest is by far SculpSure.

David Finkle, MD
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SculpSure is effective

Thank you for your question. Yes, SculpSure is a great procedure for fat reduction. I am a huge proponent of the SculpSure treatment over Cool Sculpting or Vanquish. It has worked for many of our patients. SculpSure is a hyperthermic laser fat removal system that works by directing laser energy into your treated areas. What I like about the SculpSure is that it heats up the fat cells so that it not only gets rid of them, but also helps promote collagen or elastin production for tighter skin. There is no downtime and patients can return to work or other activities after treatment. With SculpSure, you can treat up to four areas at one time and it only takes about 25 minutes per treatment. Overall, I feel it’s the best noninvasive option in the market. If you’re interested I suggest scheduling a full in-person consultation with a qualified physician to review your treatment area. The practice can show you before and after pictures and explain more about how it works. From there you can decide if it’s something you want to do. Good Luck!

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