Stomach separation and Sculpsure?

I have some stomach seperation about 1 to 2 finger width after having my two children. Can I still have Sculpsure performed.

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SculpSure & Diastasis Recti

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Yes. You have what is called diastasis recti and it is ok to have ScupSure with this condition but keep in mind that it will not bring your muscles closer together so make sure that your expectations are reasonable. And make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon to be assessed in person first just to be safe. 


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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. SculpSure is a generally safe procedure that can be performed in many health scenarios due to the fact that it targets only the subcutaneous area. The in-person consultation will be able to address your concerns and provide you with a treatment plan.

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Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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SculpSure and diastasis recti

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The condition you have is known as diastasis recti. It is frequently seen after pregnancy and does not impact a SculpSure treatment.  A true hernia may present a problem with a SculpSure treatment but diastasis is not a hernia. Still, It is very important that you see a board certified surgeon prior to any treatment just to be sure. Good luck.
Dr C

OK to do sculpsure

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It sounds like you are still a good candidate for Sculpsure.  The muscle separation will not improve with Sculpsure, and I agree with the plan for placing the panels to the sides of the muscle as a precaution, but I think it is probably reasonable for you to have this procedure (after an exam by the physician, of course!)

SculpSure is safe

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SculpSure should not be used over an abdominal hernia.  If there is just a separation of the muscles (diastasis recti) then SculpSure is safe to use, but it does not correct the separation.

Stomach Separation and Using SculpSure

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The area of your stomach separation, also knowns as a "rectus diastasis" or "diastasic recti" should be avoided during SculpSure treatment. Have the area outlined with a marker by your technician before treatment.

Hernia ok?

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You are describing a type of hernia called diastasis recti. The defect should not have the laser probes across it, but easily can be put on the sides of it. The SculpSure probes are designed to be able to do this easily.


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Sculpsure does not involve suction and can safely be performed in this instance. The energy does not penetrate deep enough to get to internal organs.
Lisa Vuich, MD

SculpSure treatment in setting of diastesis

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Best to avoid treatment over the separation (diastesis). The applicators can be placed around the diastesis. Recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for treatment options. Best, Dr. Y. 

Needs an exam

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An exam will show the the separation (diastasis) and this area can be avoided during your Sculpsure treatment.

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