Sculptra for slight breast enhancement?

Hi, I've been contemplating implants for some time but the idea of surgery & foreign objects in my body is somewhat confronting. I don't want large breasts but being nearly 40 & lost weight I'd love a little more fullness upper pole. I was wondering if Sculptra is an option for a minor breast augmentation or if there are any other less evasive options than fat transfer. I'm reluctant to gain only to lose again due to the possibility of skin sagging. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Sarah

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Good question

Excellent question.
Sculptra is natural lactic acid polymerized into longer chains.
It has not been studied in the breast but it should help enlarge the tissues.

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There are other options

Sculptra is not used for creating breast fullness, but can safely and effectively treat wrinkles in cleavage area, tighten and improve the appearance of chest skin. If you are averse to breast implants, consider fat transfer. This is a new and exciting technique, with natural results achieved through your own body's fat. Few people are experts in this area, so be sure to research and find a good surgeon. Best of luck!

Neda Vanden Bosch, MD
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