Follow up: redness after 3 months of chemical peel. IS it permanent ? if not How long will it take to heal back? (photo)

Did a 25 % peel at dermatologist office 3 months back . after peeling my skin has been red . Dr gave me steroid cream to be used for 4 weeks n then the redness subsided . after stopping cream skin has agin turned red . Just worried whether it will be permanent

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Vascular laser

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Or resistant redness a vascular laser or Ipl can decrease residual redness. There is neovascularization . These expanded vessels can be improved with the pulse dye, 577 yellow laser, or 1064 yag laser.

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Redness from Peel

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It sounds as if you have irritation or redness from the chemical peel.  The redness can be reduced with the V-Beam laser which is fabulous at getting rid of redness.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr.Green

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