How Long do Medpor Chin Implants Last?

What happens with a Medpor chin implant (attached with screws) over time? What can a patient expect in 20 years? 30 years? Thank you.

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Very few long term problems known with Medpor chin implant at this time.

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The material is commonly used in many other prosthetics such as joint prosthesis and so it has been relatively well studied.

I have used this implant. Sometimes the advantage is the disadvantage. Unlike most smooth surfaced implants the surrounding tissues grow into the product rigdly fixing it in place. This minimizes the chance of longterm rotation, etc. However, if you decide to remove it, it can be quite difficult.

Generally it is a very well tolerated implant and I have seen few long term problems which in my experience has been about 7 years.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Chin Implants Last Long, Look Best

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In my center, we use implants only made of silicone.  These all have a very high safety profile and level of patient satisfaction. I prefer silicone implants over Medpor because they are easier to place; meld well with the patient's own tissue to keep them well situated; and, if necessary are easily removed. Medpor is porous and actually adheres to the bone, which makes it challenging to remove.

Chin implants can last for decades. However, because a patient's body changes with time and age, they sometimes decide to remove an implant or switch it out for another size. This is easy to do with silicone and that's what I recommend. I hope this helps.

Medpor: Long Term Results

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Medpor implants are characterized by soft tissue in-growth.  This fixates the implant into place and long term, results in an augmentation that feels like native bone.  Although surgeons do get great aesthetic results with solid silicone, I never liked the material because it does not integrate and in some patients feels like a piece of rubber under the skin that can be moved around. 

The concerns of an implant that will be in place for decades include bony remodeling, infection and extrusion.  Thus far, this does not seem to be an issue with the Medpor material.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Long Term Medpor Results Unkown

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Long term Medpor implant results are not known because the material has not been around for 30+ years. Silastic on the other hand is well known and has 20+ year results showing it to be a stable and good choice for chin implants. Most Medpor though is well tolerated and I would not expect long term problems though with any foreign body there is always a risk of infection requiring implant removal.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

20 years of good experience with Silastic implants

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We do not have any experience with MEDPOR implants with screws over time. We have 20-year experience with Silastic chin implants, with excellent success rates that have been very stable, and patients seem to be very happy.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Effect of time on implants

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Implants are used in the body for a variety of conditions. In some areas there is no other choice but to use an implant. For example in the case of breast augmentation, breast implants are the main option for enlarging the breasts.

However, in the chin another option is available that uses your own tissues to enlarge the chin. This procedure is called a genioplasty. It involves moving the chin bone slightly forward.

The risks from using your own tissue are significantly lower, but the procedure is more difficult to do and many doctors are not comfortable with the procedure.

Long term effect of using a chin implant include extrusion, palpability and bone erosion.

A genioplasty, when performed properly can last a lifetime without the above mentioned risks.

Good luck with your procedure.

A. Peter Salas, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Nothing, usually

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I use medpore inplants when I do chin inplants. They are sturdy, and do very well over time. What happens is that the tissues grow into the porous material and intigrate. I don't think you need to worry about it. There are potential complications with this material and this procedure, so discuss them with your doctor.


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